5 Virtual Hiking Trails From Around the World

Technology really knows how to surprise us. We like to explore the world but when we are faced with a global pandemic, that exploration becomes a bit more difficult. Exploration is put to a halt when we have to stay indoors. For some people, however, that was not the reality. They still explored the world, using the internet, of course, and a VR headset. Virtual reality can really give us a new way to look at the world. 

Nature becomes accessible through the use of VR. Why not go on a virtual hike and explore the world? Here are the best virtual hiking trails to explore.

Moraine Lake – Alberta – Canada

Canada is home to some of the loveliest sights in nature. Too bad that we cannot really see them in person with the global pandemic. But, we can see parts of that beauty, using virtual reality. Moraine Lake is located in the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. National parks always contain some of the prettiest sights that you can see in nature. 

The lake is located in the Valley of the Ten Peaks. The lake itself, the trees surrounding it and the distant peaks, all make one amazing sight that will make you want to visit it in person, immediately.

Indian Beach Trail – Oregon – USA

Oregon is a beautiful state in the United States. It is covered with mountains and forests, making it the go-to place if you want to see greenery and climb peaks. It also has access to the Pacific, which is what you get to explore in VR, a trail which runs through forests, rocky beaches and offers a stunning view of the Indian Beach Trail. The Ecola State Park is also a part of the tour, meaning plenty of overlooks and places that show you the beauty of Oregon in VR.

The Great Pyramids – Egypt

Just outside of greater Cairo, on the Giza Plateau, lie the mystical pyramids of Giza, monuments to an age gone by. They are pretty imposing, particularly when you see them in person, towering as they are. The pyramids can now be seen through virtual reality. Who needs all that greenery, lakes and the ocean, when you can see the pyramids from who knows how many miles away, using your computer, an internet connection and a VR headset. Learn about the history of the pyramids and their purpose, through a lovely virtual tour, all while circling around the pyramids, walking and getting to see them in all their magnificence.

Bryce Canyon National Park – Utah – USA

Once more, we move back to the United States, but not to watch the greenery as we trek virtually, but rather red rocks of the Bryce Canyon National Park. The red rocks and desert paths can be traveled from the comfort of your home. There are also woodland trails, but the ground will still be red, making it an interesting mix of colors, red and green, a rare combination.

Positano – Italy

In the south of Italy, you can find Positano, a village, located on Amalfi Coast. It is a picturesque village, which Italian villages tend to be. Explore tight streets and see the beauty of Southern Italy.

Virtual hiking and trekking trails do not need to be through mountains and forests alone to be beautiful, which is easily proven by some of the trails on the list. Try them if you want to explore the world in VR.