6 Best Running Safety Gear of 2022

We all like to use technology to make the best out of ourselves. Sometimes, that means using the said technology on our bodies to enhance performance. That might be a gadget, or a safety gear. Running is a sport which doesn’t rely too much on technology, though lately, tracking applications have become popular, as well as fitness and smart watches. 

Safety gear is often overlooked, in almost every sport in the world. Running has some safety gear that can make our running better and less prone to injury. Here is the best safety gear of 2022.

Noxgear Tracer 360 Illuminated

Companies love their complicated names which make it harder for the consumer to understand what the product is about. In this case, we are talking about an illuminated vest. These are used at night, ideally, particularly when running in traffic or in the woods. An illuminated vest is not the same as a reflective vest. The latter is passive while the former has active illumination. This one, as the name suggests, illuminates 360 degrees around the runner.

It is expensive and harder to clean but it is worth it if you plan on doing a lot of late night running.

LED Lights with Straps

This shouldn’t belong to any specific products because there are so many products that do the same thing and none is particularly better than the other. There should be LEDs, preferably ones that can blink, often in red. This is a typical signal, used by cyclists and runners alike, to signal their location on the road, or even in the woods, depending on where you decide to run. You can strap it to your arm, wrist or leg, or wherever you find a convenient place that will be visible to others.

Black Diamond 350 Headlamp

Headlamps are great, practical, but not all of them offer the same level of practicality and usability. Black Diamond is known for producing great gear for rock climbers, trekkers, mountaineers and runners alike. This headlamp uses AAA batteries so it will always be usable, and you won’t have to replace it when its lithium ion battery goes bad.

It has six lighting modes and is not slippery, making it an ideal companion during late night runs.

A Reflective Phone Armband

Going out at night or somewhere far away without your phone can be dangerous nowadays. You should always look to have your phone with you. Keeping it in your hands while running is pretty distracting and keeps one of your hands occupied at all times.

Wearing a reflective phone armband is one of the easiest ways to keep your phone on you, use a tracking application, and also add another reflective surface to keep you safe.

Pepper Spray

This category, once more, should not belong to any specific brand. Pepper spray or defense spray, depending on who you ask, should be something to carry, especially if you are a woman runner, late at night. It keeps people and animals away, being very effective at it. Make sure to purchase a small and unobtrusive bottle that will not add weight or bulkiness.

A Whistle

Any whistle could work, but preferably, you would want a light one, that has a lanyard or anything that can keep it close to your body. Some people like using reflective running belts to store all their smaller objects in, but a cord or lanyard could work, as well.

Running is a relatively safe sport that can only put you in danger if you go long distances and are running at night or even worse, in the wilderness at night, alone. Reflective gear, lights and some defensive gear should be all you need, and you can start with the gear mentioned above.