Best Apps You Can Use When Traveling Around Europe

Travel has been returning to normal. With that, people have been moving from country to country, seeing all the lovely sights that they wanted to for the past two years, but couldn’t due to a global pandemic. That all changed as countries stopped locking their borders. European countries also loosened their restrictions and most people can come and go as they please in Europe.

Traveling in Europe can be scary for an outsider. Luckily, we have technology to help us with that. Smartphones are capable of handling a lot of information and there are plenty of applications to help us navigate Eruope. These are the best ones to consider.

Google Maps

Navigation is key wherever you go. Getting from one place to another when you have no idea where you are going is hard. Google Maps helps ease that. You can find your way in any city provided that you have location tracking turned on. You can download parts of the map that you think you will need, to have them for offline navigation, when you are roaming and when internet data can cost you a ton of money.


BlaBlaCar is a European service, available in many countries in Europe. It is a great way to find transport from people who are simply going places and are willing to take on a passenger. There are filters such as no smoking or pet friendly, music, talking and so on and so forth. You can get a personalized transport, to an extent, and it would be far better than riding a bus or flying somewhere really close. You can also meet interesting people this way and learn about a destination or places. It is always good to have first hand experience and tips from locals.


These services help people navigate European railways with a single ticket. You can travel from station to station, from capital to capital, or wherever you want in a country, simply by having an Interrail or Eurail ticket. Trains are really fun and very good modes of transport. They don’t jolt and send you flying left and right, they aren’t slippery in winter nor are they unsafe. 

Travel Europe by train to enjoy the sights and a nausea-free experience. These apps will help you navigate your way through Europe and have schedules at all times.

The Fork

The Fork is a restaurant review application, as well as any other place that offers food. If you want to find where to eat, explicitly in Europe, The Fork is the application for you. Bad restaurants to avoid or good ones to visit, the Fork can show you the way. It is simple, easy to use and you can leave your review, as you would expect, to add your opinion and experience to the hive.


Omio is a transport booking app that gives you an easy way to make sense of all the other schedule and trip planning apps. You can see buses, trains and flights that go all throughout Europe and of course, find the next method of transportation to your new destination.

These are the best applications to download and have on your phone when traveling Europe, that will make travel in Europe easier. Have them on your phone the next time you plan on visiting Europe.