Best Rail Journeys in Europe – Travel Europe by Train

Traveling in style is something we almost forgot during the global pandemic. No, it does not mean flying business class. One does not really get to see anything of the world when they are up in the air, flying business class, or any other class for that matter. We might see some parts of the world, but that is about it.

The best way to travel the world is by train, obviously. Trains don’t have many jumps in speed, they are gradual and very linear. They go through tunnels, over mountains, by beaches and through forests. Railway travel is one of the best ways to see the world, and this time, we are traveling through Europe. Here are a couple of interesting European railway journeys you should take.

The Glacier Express – Zermatt to St Moritz

This is the most ironic name that one can give to a train ride. The express travels at barely 40 kph and the ride is seven and a half hours long, from one mountain resort to another. It is almost a 300 kilometer long ride, but the problem is that the train goes through the alps, high up in the alps. This is actually a good thing because one can see the Swiss Alps in all their glory, on this decently long trip. 

The Rhine Valley – Cologne to Mainz

This is a much faster ride, around two and a half hours to traverse 150ish kilometers. The ride is not that long but it is very lovely. You get to see a part of the Rhine, a beautiful river surrounded by forests and greenery. You will also be able to spot the legendary Lorelei rock, which inspired many legends and poems. While not a long trip, it is one worth taking if you enjoy rivers.

The Modern Orient Express – London to Venice

There are two legs of the modern day orient express, one where you ride on the UK train, the British Pullman and another where you ride on the VSOE, from Calais to Venice and vice versa. This is a 1600+ kilometer long journey that takes around 24 hours. If you like trains, particularly historic trains, then this is the trip for you. A pro tip is to try the Venice to London route, as it doesn’t book up nearly as quickly as the other way around.

Bernina Express – Tirano to Landquart

There is something with mountain trains lines being called express and taking five hours to transport you over a distance of 150 kilometers, from Switzerland to Italy and vice versa. If you enjoy mountains and want to hear your ears pop, this is the route to take. It is a slow ride, but that is part of the beauty of it. You can see the alps in all their glory, both on the Swiss and the Italian side. 

Inlandsbanan – Gallivare to Kristinehamn

This is a very slow train that will take you around two days to explore the northern part of Sweden. You will forget about the time as you see iconic Swedish nature and wild animals, mostly moose. There is a possibility of seeing polar lights that far up north, though that is not guaranteed.

Traveling Europe by train is the best way to experience some of its beauty, culture and history. These are the railway journeys to go on first.