Gadgets You Can Gift a Fellow Runner This Year

Technology can help us become better, or more accustomed to things and at times, lazier, depending on the person. However, for an athlete, technology can help them achieve their goals faster, or have more practicality when exercising or planning their exercise routines. 

Runners are athletes who do not use that many gadgets, but they could do with some, if they don’t have any. There are plenty of usable gadgets that runners could do with. Here are some you could give to your friend runners.

A Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are gear that specialize in tracking your fitness routines. They are watches, a different type of smartwatch, one meant to help you navigate the outdoors while also providing you with the data you want, particular to your running. There are many brands that make good fitness trackers, Garming and Polar being among the very best. They are expensive, but they are thoughtful gifts that any runner would appreciate. Some work better for mountain trails, others for plain running, so read about them before making a purchase.

A Headlamp

Headlamps are really useful, no matter whether one is running or going on a late night trek. They are also useful if one wants to do work at home with both their hands and they need a light, which includes things like soldering or anything that requires a screwdriver and precise work.

Headlamps are immensely helpful in the dark and can even help if you do not need the extra light, simply to be seen, when running on a road with traffic at night.

Reflective or Illuminated Vests

Vests are really helpful for runners, particularly at night. A reflective vest reflects light and has pockets which can store all the gadgets that a runner might bring with them, such as a smartphone or their keys and ID card. Illuminated vests do the same, but they have LEDs and can also create light of their own, which is helpful if the other person does not have light, so your reflective vest wouldn’t be as reflective.

A Hydration Pack

Hydration packs help when our hands are full and when water is necessary. Mountain running and long distance running during hot days make hydration more important. Our hands should always be free when we are running and a hydration pack comes with a drinking tube. They can be designed for special cases, like winter and summer, meaning better insulation against the heat or cold.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones that are specially designed for running are another great gadget that a runner will appreciate. Long distance running sessions or repetitive ones can get boring and become more challenging. Having a  pair of wireless headphones can help with that. Whether one listens to a podcast or their favorite music, their running will be better and more entertaining than it would have been without headphones.

Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are considered accessories but in winter and during sunny summer days, they are about as essential as anything else. Sunglasses keep our eyes safe and healthy during sunny days. Winter can be as dangerous as summer, particularly if there is snow. Reflections are problematic during winter and polarized sunglasses help by protecting our eyes.

Running is a great sport and our fellow runners deserve some high quality gifts. These gadgets should make them happier.