How to Take Up Running If You Haven’t Been Active in a Long Time

Sometimes, taking a rest, a long rest, can help us recover from injuries or burnout, should it happen. Sports and chasing fitness goals can make us burn out and it doesn’t help if we have already been nursing an injury.

Luckily, running isn’t a sport that requires a lot of effort and amazing fitness levels to be performed. One needs a pair of running shoes, or any comfortable shoes, and they can head out.

But, after a long pause, one shouldn’t just go out and run 10k or more. There should be a gradual increase in difficulty, depending on the current fitness level and how long the pause was. Follow these tips and find out how to get back to running after a long pause.

Stretching and a Fitness Check

Running can be the next thing on the list, first you should do a fitness check, meaning that you should try to exercise at home, doing lightweight exercises, preferably some which are dynamic and include the legs and the core. Stretching is also important, to keep the tendons and muscles flexible. Flexible muscles are less prone to injuries and are overall less likely to be hurt. Dynamic sports, including running, are harder on the ankles and knees. If you were not training for a while and have gained weight, regular isometric bodyweight exercises for a month or so should work better than straight out running.

Slow and Short

Getting back into running does not have to include half-marathons and marathons, but rather, anything less than a mile or a kilometer. The tempo should also be rather slow, something more similar to jogging than full on running. This should give you time to evaluate your fitness level and see whether you are ready to start running anytime soon. Being sincere with yourself and your fitness level is the first step to getting back to any physical activity, not just running. 

Picking Up the Pace

The best way to start running once more is to start running, but only after you have made sure that you are already up to speed with the basics and your overall fitness. Then you can start picking up the pace, whether by increasing your distance or tempo, or both. Making a running schedule should make things easier. Running plans can help with organization and discipline, something a returning runner might be lacking, especially after a long pause. 

Use Running Apps to Help Motivate You

Sometimes, just going out and running is not enough. We need to have some extra motivation. Using running applications which have motivational sounds and which keep track of our time and pace, calories and distance, can help keep us motivated in the long run.

Getting back into any sport after a long pause should be done slowly and carefully, but can be sped up if the fitness level of the athlete is better. That being said, you should judge your own level and then determine your pace for getting back into running.