Why is Being Outdoors Good for Us?

We tend to hear things parroted all the time. Fruits and vegetables are good for you, sleep is good for you, exercise is good for you and so on and so forth. But why? There are good explanations as to why most of the things that you hear are actually beneficial for our health.

A good example is being outdoors. Why is that good for us? Here are a couple of reasons as to why you should spend more time outdoors.

The Sun – The Creator of Life

The Sun is responsible for all the life that you see on the planet. We need the Sun, which is why we must go outside. Sunshine helps us produce vitamin D which is essential for our mood. Being low in vitamin D leads to symptoms of depression, which is not what we want. However, be vary of spending time outside when it is too hot. The heat can cause burns and the sun is really bad for our skin, so avoid direct exposure to the sun in the heat of summer. Being in shade is good enough. Even in winter, it is good to be outside in the sunshine. 

A Stress Relief Method

Being outdoors is pretty good if we want less stress in our life. Some colors are found to be more calming than others, blue and green being among them. Take a walk in your local forest and go on a hike if you want to relax and get a bit of exercise. Stress is something we deal with on a daily basis. Chronic stress is what we want to avoid. One of the best way to avoid chronic stress is to be outside, particularly in the mountains, forests and near large bodies of water. 

Being Outdoors Implies Exercise

Most people who are considered outdoorsy tend to go to the mountains, hike, trek and explore the world. That means physical exercise. Physical exercise is really good for us. We stay healthier, have better circulation, lower body fat, have stronger immune systems, and have less stress when we exercise. 

Going outdoors, into nature, is a great way to exercise. Just go and climb a nearby peak and you will get a workout that should improve your mood greatly.

Socializing – We Are Social Beings

Humans are social beings. We like being around other people, particularly those that make us feel better. Going outdoors implies that one is not going alone, even more so if they are going on a hike. Hiking is a great recreational activity, and an even better one with friends.

Socializing makes us feel better in more ways than one, making it a great activity that occurs naturally when going outdoors.

Being outdoors is great for us and these are the reasons why.